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Course Materials (Coaching Classes) : DIB Examination May 2023
1. Alternative Financial System
    b. Synopsis-1
    c. Synopsis-2
    d. Synopsis-3
    d. Synopsis-4
2. Principles of Economics: Conventional & Islamic
3.Principles of Accounting
4.Business Commnucation
    a. Synopsis-1
5.Theory and Practice of Banking: Islamic and Conventional
    a. Synopsis-1
    b. Synopsis-2
6. Investment Managament
    c. Synopsis-1
7. Foreign Exchange and International Trade
8. Ethics in Banking & Legal Environment
    a. Synopsis-1
    b. Synopsis-2
9.Management Accounting & Financial Management
    e.Synopsis-1 (old)
    f.Synopsis-2 (old)
    g.Synopsis-3 (old)
    h.Synopsis-4 (old)
    i.Synopsis-5 (old)
    j.Synopsis-6 (old)
    k.Synopsis-7 (old)
    l.Synopsis-8 (old)
    m.Synopsis-9 (old)
    a. Synopsis-1
    b. Synopsis-2
    c. Synopsis-3
    d. Synopsis-4
    f. Synopsis-5